30 Nov 2021 He Man Saw Cutting under the Super C

 After a lonely 9 am coffee at the Shaika I set out to the Falaise for a regular He Man / She Woman work day.  Not seeing anyone at the usual meeting place, The Valley of the Birds, I set out with the 5 foot saw wondering what work to do that day.

First I thought I would check out Barclay's Ski Chute work.....

It looks pretty good!  I even found the wire metal cage he mentioned.

  I noticed there is also some sort of gas oven nearby and rolled it over to see how heavy it was.

Moving on I continued to just west of the downed tree which crosses the trail along the Super C hillside.  As expected there was a treasure trove of garbage to select from.

I worked away, happy as a pig in ****, when my saw cutting mates showed up, eager to saw.  They told me that they had seen W.G. working along on the trail earlier as well.

After some He Man Sawing and log shoving.....Success!!!


We all then head back with a wheel barrow full of treasures.


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