23 November He Man - She Woman Falaise Western Trail Work Day

 A small subgroup of early risers met at the Shaika Cafe to get together and discuss strategy.  

Fully caffeinated, we felt ready to head out to meet up with whoever appeared at the Valley of Birds.  The usual list of suspects was there: W.G Ross, Chris with his friend from Regina, new rookie Wes, plus many hungry birds looking for breakfast.  Louis Rubenstein joined Tibby later along the Bande Verte.

Tibby & Louis rode off to trail blaze along the far west, while A.T., W,G and Wes plodded along with the wheelbarrow looking for some big game garbage.

Along the way we noticed a few tempting items, but nothing big enough to warrant a change of direction.

Passing a cache of goodies, we took a side tour of the "Ski Chute" and admired the fine bridge that connects it to the Bande Verte.


Curiosity about the Ski Chute satisfied, we continued on our quest, the big game available at the Super C parking lot.

At last a chance, for He Man work!!!

The Falaise side of the fence now looks pretty good along the eastern part of the parking lot.

Of course the western half still awaits.....

We continued west,along the hiking trail, taking a few items to the Western Access road.

We even managed to increase the tire count.

 Tibby and Louis had been trail blazing away at the Western Entrance of the hiking trail so we went over to see what they had done.

We filled the wheelbarrow with whatever we could take on the way home to the Central Access Road.

Just before leaving, A.T. took a look at the new garbage that has recently been added on the hillside just to the east of the Valley of the Birds.  Always something to do at the Falaise!!!


  1. Hi! Don't laugh at my bridge! I had to improvise to get across without soaking up my shoes! Glad you took out the tire I threw down from the upper part of the falaise as I was exploring the area. BF.

    1. I love your bridge and so that is where that tire came from....


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