21 Nov 2021 Super C work and Barclay finds more tires

 After filling the bird feeders I headed west towards Super C with the wheelbarrow.  Passing the Central Access road tire pile,   I noticed there were about 10 additional tires than from the day before.

19 Nov 2021 , large truck tire added (just to the right of wheelbarrow)

21 Nov 2021 4 new tires added over truck tire

20 Nov 2021 Overview of tire pile from spreadsheet
21 Nov 2021 My estimate of 10 more tires from previous day
Later that day I received an email from Barclay who told me he had taken another dozen tires to the Central Access road.  I adjusted the spreadsheet to reflect those numbers giving a total collected for the Fall of 2021as 261.  In the Spring we collected 135 so the total so far for 2021 is 396 !!  He also reported that he  noticed some new garbage above the eastern hiking trail, not far from the wheelbarrow.  Sauvons la Falaise has to develop a procedure with the city and the businesses at the top of the Falaise as to what should happen whenever new garbage is found.

  As I moved west along the hiking trail with the wheelbarrow I kept a lookup for any garbage that could be found.  Just beside the burnt forest, I noticed what appeared to be a blue sweater caught in a tree branch. Hiking up to it I was awarded with a trove of old automobile parts, most notably a car trunk lid.  I made a collection pile near the trail.

However, I knew that there were better hunting grounds further west, the famous Super C hillside beckoned. Coming upon the fallen tree at the top of the path, I headed up and cleared out a pile of lumber mixed in with the usual assortment of plastic water  and glass whisky bottles.  There was even a full plastic milk container!

I carried out what I could in plastic garbage bags, leaving the lumber beside the trail for another day.

On the return I added some auto parts to the wheelbarrow.

A new home for today's garbage was found in the red Super C shopping cart.


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