19 November 2021 Super C parking lot garbage photos / First Pick up of Tires by City Workers / Further Clean Up Work

 I went to buy some new bird seed and on the way back over to the Falaise stopped by to inspect the Super C parking lot on 6900 Rue St Jacques.  This parking lot is directly above the biggest remaining garbage field visible from the hiking trail that runs the entire length of the Falaise.  It is where we are now concentrating our on going efforts in cleaning up this wooded eco-territory.


Directly behind the Super C supermarket there are multiple piles of tires (about 20-30 tires in total) that have been tossed over the fence that separates the Falaise and the parking lot.  These may be pushed down the steep hill on to the hiking trail below at any time so I think we should organize a group of volunteer workers to toss them back over the fence into the parking lot where they can more easily be removed.

In addition there are a number to shopping carts that have also been tossed over the fence and are in similar danger of being pushed down the hillside.  

The Parking lot side of the fence has garbage along its entire length.  This of course is in danger of being tossed over the fence into the Falaise.

S We have started to clean up some areas on the Falaise side of the fence, but there remains much to do.

After the viewing of the parking lot garbage, I went over to the Valley of Birds to fill up the feeders.  There I met with Louis Rubenstein and Chris who had come along in order to help in the clean up.

We took down the Niger seed feeder, which tends to collect water, and put up some suet feeders for the upcoming winter season.  

 After picking up the wheelbarrow and heading westwards we were surprised to be greeted by some city workers who had come to start removing the tire pile on the Central Access Road.  They asked if we were part of the team that had collected the tires and we were given the thumbs up when we replied yes we were.

Continuing west along the trail, we saw one remaining truck tire beside the Falaisosaur, and two shopping carts on the trail below the Super C parking lot.  Louis looked at the tire and decided it was too heavy and returned to his bicycle tour.  Chris and I continued on, tossing one of the shopping carts onto the Western Access road.

Since the city has started to remove the tires and garbage from the three Access roads we will have to adjust we keep track of the number of  tires removed from the Falaise.

Returning home, we pushed the last remaining shopping cart along the trail from below the Super C as far as the Falaisosaur.

After taking a rest break we used our combined efforts to wheel barrow the last truck tire from the Falaisosaur back to the Central Access Road.

I headed home, Chris continued east to inspect the trail.  He promises to report any changes noticed.


  1. Great work! You are all saints: St Chris of the Falaise, St Ian of Craig of the Falaise, St Malcolm of the Falaise, St Ian of Cochrane of the Falaise, Great St. Barclay of the Falaise


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