16 November 2021 He Man / She Woman work on the Falaise

 Following a Montreal Bicycle Club tradition of meeting at the Shaika Cafe, W.G. Ross, Doreen Thomas and A.T. Lane came together for coffee before heading out to the Falaise work day. Doreen informed us that she was there just for the coffee.

 Undeterred by their small numbers A.T. and W.G. first tackled the runaway truck tire that had rolled down the ravine on an earlier trip, bringing it home to the Central Access road.  Following that success, they took on one of the 3 shopping carts from below the Super C parking lot, bringing it over to the Western Access road.

Smiling with pride, W.G. had to depart early and A.T. made a stab at cleaning up the garbage directly below the Super C parking lot.  The lower stuff was put into piles along the trail while the upper garbage was tossed back over the fence from the Falaise back towards the parking lot.

Heading home, he single highhandedly took one of the truck tires from the Falaisosaur to the Central Access road with the wheel barrow.  This brings the total number of tires up to 248.

Proud of his He Man work, he rode his bike along the Bande Verte to the Eastern Access road where a yellow runaway demolition chute was awaiting.  Sure  enough it was tracked down and moved to it's new home.

Afterwards, he learned by phone that H.S. Tibbs and Chris had been hard at work on the Falasie that day as well.  They had been trail blazing in the far West.  Hmmm....we will have to look at what was done.




  1. Very happy to discover this blog. I recently moved to Clifton & St Jacques and am happy to have a wooded area and birds nearby. I would love to get involved in clean up efforts on the Falaise.

  2. Hello Kay

    I added a contact form on our home page, fill out that form so that we can contact you by email.


  3. Opps....the home page is https://www.sauvonslafalaise.org/


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