18 August taking videos at the Falaise Bird Feeders

 I set up a tripod and tried taking videos of birds by the feeders.

First off were some Chickadee visitors to the feeder:

Chickadees have various songs that give warnings to other birds.  I read that Nuthatches like to stay close by to the Chickadees for that reason.

Niger seed does not seem to be very popular among the birds at the Falaise.  The niger seed feeder has barely been touched since it was filled a month ago.  Chickadees seem to be the only birds that have any interest in it at all.


The Nuthatches however, search out the sunflower seeds within the wild seed mix.

Nuthatches are fun to watch as they move along trees.

House Sparrows, are an invasive species that can dominate the feeders with messy eaters and gather in large flocks there.  



The Downy Woodpecker a native species often seen at the Falaise. This one seems determined to find bugs in the woods.


Another native species, the Song Sparrow, enjoys the same wild seed mix as the invasive House Sparrow.

Observed but not photographed included natives such as Robins, Cardinals and Redstarts.  Invasive Pigeons were also seen in the Rose Bowl parking lot.  This was all recorded on ebird and the spreadsheet.


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